The Comparison of Dental Treatment Prices Between Turkey and the UK in 2019

The UK provides 2 types of dentistry, a private dentist or NHS dentist, for dental patients. Going private isn’t always the first choice by the UK residents as the cost would be doubled. According to Anna Studman from Which NHS dental charges in England rose by 5% in April 2019.

NHS dental charge price rises 2019

* Band 1 treatment (check up) – now £22.70 (+£1.10)

* Band 2 treatment (fillings / extractions) – now £62.10 (+£3)

* Band 3 treatment (crown / false teeth) – now £269.30 (+£12.80)

NHS dentists are usually more preferred than the private dentists however it doesn’t cover many of the cosmetic treatments which are particularly significant for a beautiful smile.

Besides these, many dental clinics in Turkey promise the most up-to-date dental technology at international standards with an experienced dental team specialized in their field. That’s why you should consider the abroad alternatives of your dental treatment which meets your needs in a more affordable way.

It is obvious that your dental needs will be assessed and created a plan for your treatment by your dentist, but here is the comparison of some of the most wanted treatments for you to help to make your decision.

According to, these are the prices of which are only available at private dentists in the UK.

  • Dental implants: £1,000 to £2,000 or more per tooth
  • Teeth whitening (laser): £600 to £1,200 or more
  • Crowns (porcelain): £300 to £800 or more
  • Root canal treatment: £400 or more per tooth
  • Veneers: £300 to £600 per veneer

According to Attelia Oral and Dental Health Centre located in Antalya/Turkey, these are some of the exact prices.

  • Cerec Veneer = £220
  • Vita Suprinity Veneer = £240
  • Empress Laminate Veneer = £260
  • Dental Implant + Abutment (Nobel Alpha Bio) = £420
  • Dental Implant + Abutment ( Straumann Group – Roxolid – Titanium) = £480
  • Astra Tech Dental Implant + Abutment (German) = £600
  • Root Canal Treatment include White Filling = £95

According to Dental Centre Turkey, these are some of the prices of the offered dental treatments by a couple of clinics located in the most visited cities in Turkey.

  • Root Canal Treatment (per root) = £49
  • Alpha Bio Dental Implant + Abutment = £460
  • Nobel Dental Implant + Abutment = £599
  • Teeth whitening (laser) = £350
  • Zirconium Porcelain Crown = £195

To find the best dental care service, you should look for more information which makes you comfortable with your decision. Finally, here is Georgina’s dental experience in Turkey with Dental Centre Turkey.

Smile Makeover in Turkey

A beautiful smile is one of the most wanted features and now it is easy to have by the help of the aesthetic dental procedures which is called smile makeover. A smile makeover improves the cosmetic or structural dental imperfections and offers one or more cosmetic dental procedures that makes your smile impressive. It is designed according to tone of skin, colour of hair, lips and other facial features so as to meet your unique needs.

A smile makeover may involve teeth whitening, alignment and spacing or other treatments such as crowns or veneers and sometimes it’s a combination of issues according to the patient’s concerns and expectations.

The cost of your treatment for your perfect smile mostly depends on your location, dentist, and the treatments of your oral health issues. Because multiple treatments for a complete smile makeover cost a lot of money, many people look for more affordable dental clinics which offers high quality standards as well. For this reason Turkey is one of the most visited destinations from many countries that gives happy smiles for less money.

If you want an impressive smile that looks and feels good and will last for many years, make a search for the dentists in Turkey and begin planning for your perfect smile makeover.

Dental Implants in Turkey

Suffering from teeth loss or dental gaps can easily make someone’s life challenging. The missing or damaged teeth would affect someone’s life in many ways such as eating, speaking or smiling. Everybody wants to smile confidently and restore oral health, thus you can undergo dental implant surgery when your dentist suggests you to do so.

Most patients can benefit from conducting dental implants as it is the best solution for the missing, broken or decayed teeth. The difference between the natural teeth and the implant tooth can’t be recognised according to the most patients and they can eat absolutely normally, smile with confidence and brush their teeth as they do before. Furthermore dental implants can last a lifetime as long as properly cared for when it is done by qualified hands using a high quality material.

When it compromises the quality of the product, in Western European countries implants are much more expensive than Turkey. That’s why Turkey has become one of the most wanted destinations for its high-qualified technology and specialist dentists in their own field. A single tooth implant is from £450 in Turkey and in the UK, usually costs more than twice or three times than what they are supposed to pay on rental prices.

The patients who would like to undergo implant surgery in Turkey can obtain the same quality of material, top brands and the special treatment as the US or the UK serve for their patients. Beside these, they can save up to 50-70% on the prices. If you want to learn more you can check our “Why is Dental Work much more Cheaper in Turkey?” post.

Veneers and The Prices in Turkey

It is possible that you may have stained, crooked or discoloured teeth or have gaps between them, which sometimes make you feel unconfident and unhappy with your appearance. As we know that having a wonderful smile is a sign of health, well-being, confidence, and success. So, it obvious that we live in a world not only the celebrities but also many other people can get their snow-white smile which looks natural and beautiful or you can choose a tone you prefer from the chart which lasts about 10-17 years.

Turkey is considered one of the most wanted veneers destinations with its high-quality material, experienced dentists, luxury hotels and English speaking staff. When you compare the prices of veneers to the UK, the USA, and most European countries, it is clear that Turkey has a wide range of affordable solutions to patient’s requirements.

Today 3 common kind of veneers are usually used by professional dentists.

   •       Porcelain.
   •       Composite.
   •       Lumineers.

Composite veneers vary from €120,- €150,- per tooth and more affordable as it can be fabricated in dentist’s office. One visit is to the dentist is enough to get your veneers to be applied.

Porcelain venners varies from €200-€250,- per tooth and offers a natural tooth-like aesthetics with very strong material.

Lumineers are usually from €240-€260 – per tooth and are the thinnest and strongest dental veneers. If your teeth are suitable for lumineers, its lifespan will be more than the other procedures.

The quality and longevity of your renewed smile depends on the material, the procedure of your veneers and the structure of your condition. It’s always better to decide what kind of veneers you need is more appropriate by the help of the Cosmetic Dentists and Dental Technicians who have years of experience.

Here is some of the YouTubers who have some experience on veneers in Turkey.

YouTuber Luis Elkes’ vlog which is about his veneers price, procedure and results in 2018 is in Turkey on YouTube.
Here is a video of Qunomedical’s one the patient’s experience about the dental treatment she was applied in Turkey.

The Best Dental Clinics in Istanbul

Since Istanbul has been the capital city of four empires; it is one of the magnificent top rated cities with its mosques, churches, bazaars, palaces, and museums. Besides these, Istanbul has always been a well-known travel destination by foreign tourists who like to shop in huge shopping centers, eat great food in popular restaurants and enjoy the colorful nightlife.

Here are the best well- known dental clinics in Istanbul.

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Centre

Dentakademi International

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center provide patients from many countries, affordable and high-quality treatment chance since 2013. It provides airport transfers and accommodation facilities to their patients who are foreign to Istanbul.

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Centre is also declared as the 19th dental health care clinic in the world and the 1st in Turkey by the global clinics rating GCR.

Web site:
Phone: +90 542 374 42 99


Medicadent promises the patients a high value on the quality of the treatments and well-being thanks to their experienced dentists and integrated dental laboratory on the highest technological level. They provide many kinds of dental support including children’ dentistry and dental care in pregnancy.

Web site:
Phone: +90 216 414 99 88



Hospitadent offers many services like; special concept helping to overcome the dental phobia, relaxing massage, VIP transfer, forest ambiance and so on while providing the patients dental care on European standards. They serve dental care not only in Istanbul but also in Germany and Jordan. The price list can be easily seen on the website.

Web site:
Phone: 444 99 22


Discimistanbul offers 3 different packages which include transportation services, accommodation and, city tours for the patients in 2 different locations, 3 branches. Having a young and successful staff of dentists, they provide the latest technology and quality service with a positive attitude.

Web site:
Phone: +90 444 39 77


Dentestetik focuses on the full integration of comfort and health, with a state of the art technology by the help of their exceptional dentists, nurses and, therapists to carry out all patient’s dental health care. They provide flights, accommodation, tours of Istanbul for the patients coming from broad.

Web site:
Phone: +90 537 957 2037 

Dent Group


Dent Group, is the dental clinic chain having the most number of branches in Turkey and popular for their training platform DentGroup Academy, popular cultural magazine DG World, DG FM radio channel and its own mobile application. Dent Group provides dental health care with a number of specialized dentists on their own field for international patients.

Web site:
Phone: +90 444 88 21

Once doing your own research and finding out the high standards and welcoming clinics, it is not surprising to find out that people visiting Istanbul for dental tourism is growing in numbers day by day. Decide the best clinic for your needs and get your appointment as soon as possible!

What are The Best Dental Clinics in Antalya?

According to the researches, many and many people travel to get a dental health care as it may seem unaffordable in their home country every year. Turkey is obviously one of the best destinations for dental tourism by overseas patients and Antalya is a quite popular spot to combine a summer holiday with its blue flag awarded beaches or a quite winter trip with a visit to the dentist. Here are some most visited dental clinics located in the city of Antalya.

The Premium Dental Turkey Antalya Clinic

The Premium Dental Turkey Antalya Clinic

The dental team consists of experienced dentists who are specialized in the areas of cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. Besides having one of the best dental laboratories in Europe, they use world wide known products and the staff speaks fluent English with patients. The clinic not only offers X-rays and 3D tomography will be available for free but also provides the transport to the hotel and clinic from the airport. 

Web site:
E- mail:
Free International Call: +44 2036 950 023

Private Antera Dental Clinic

Private Antera Dental Clinic

Private Antera Dental Clinic emphasis that they are particularly specialized on aesthetic dental care and implant supported dental care besides many other oral care services by a number of qualified dentists. Children patients may have intentive dental support in this kid-friendly clinic as well.

Web site:
WhatsApp: +90 507 004 00 06

Dental Clinic Antalya

Dental Clinic Antalya

Dental Office Turkey is a dental clinic that is not only located in Antalya but also in Marmaris, Fethiye, and Istanbul and provides medical and aesthetical dental treatments for patients from all over the World. The price list of the many services can be easily seen they offer on the web site.

Web site:
Phone: +90 850 8502007

Myra Dental

Myra Dental

Myra Dental is a dental clinic that works with specialized dentists who use the latest tools and products. Myra Dental provides many numbers of medical dental care, in addition to padiatric dentistry to children by the dentists who are specialised both in training dentistry for children and various operations as well.

Web site:
Phone: +90 242 247 49 54

PERLA Private Polyclynic of Oral and Dental Health


Perla dental health clinic provides services modern dentistry treatments, laser-assisted dental treatments and dentistry applications requiring specialty which is carried out in collaboration with the esteemed specialists in a four-story building with its 2 other branch offices, not only for adults but also for all the children of between 0-15 age.

Web site:
Phone: +90 533 030 3935

Akademik Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Akademik Oral and Dental Health Clinic stands for the motto of healthy smiles in safe hands and provides any dental and oral healthcare service ranging from surgical treatments to pediatric dentistry.

Web site: 
E- mail:
Phone: +90 242 230 23 75

Dental Team Turkey

Dental Team Turkey has been operating since 2004  with modern dental equipment, including a CT- scan.  They offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants, dental veneers and, dental crowns.

Web site:
E- mail:
Phone: +31 6 14870063

Smile Dental Turkey

Smile Dental Turkey

Dental Team Turkey has been operating since 2004  with modern dental equipment, including a CT- scan.  They offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants, dental veneers and, dental crowns.

Web site:
E- mail:
Phone: +90 534 790 6707

The dentists in Turkey must train for five years at one of the country’s 15 schools of dentistry and their education and legislation are regulated by the Ministry of Health. However, you should do plenty of research to find a good dentist when you decide on the location. It’s obvious that you would save money and get a satisfying service while you are having a dream holiday on the sunny Mediterranean coast.

Why is Dental Work much more Cheaper in Turkey?

Many people find dental work extremely high to afford especially in the UK, the USA, and some other European Countries when you compare it in Turkey. The prices of oral health in Turkey falls down so dramatically that draws attention for those who want a professional and affordable dental treatment.

There are various reasons about this huge price gap like, the number of shortage of dentists and private dental clinics, high lab prices, high dental material and equipment prices, expensive insurance costs, the rents etc. 

You may easily find many offers with the highest quality treatment packages at the most competitive prices in Turkey. Patients can save at least 50-70% on the UK dental prices and when you compare the prices. On average, getting dental implants in Turkey can save you; 90% of the price in the US, 89% of the price in the UK, 70% of the price in Australia.

If we speak with numbers, here is the approximate costs. A Porcelain veneer costs about £500- £750 in the UK but it costs £170- £200 and last 10-25 years. Traditional fixed crown and bridge cost about £250 – £800 per unit but it costs £150- £450 in Turkey. The average cost of a single dental implant in the UK is £2,000 to £2,500 but it costs £600- £1000 in Turkey.

The writer of personal blog Traveling Claus has mentioned about his dental treatment experience in Turkey/ Istanbul and how much he has saved as he tells “I had four root canals and four zirconium crowns made at the Maltepe dental clinic and I paid 100€ for each root canal and 300€ for each zirconium crown, making it a total of 1600€ for the whole treatment. This is a hell of a lot cheaper than most western countries and as mentioned earlier.” You can find the full page here.

Finally, it seems that if you need a dental work to be done by qualified hands and it looks like unaffordable in your home country, dental tourism may be a reasonable solution for your problem.

What is the Dental Tourism and Why is it so Popular in Turkey?

Tourism is something that appeals people with its advantages to experience. Medical industry is another popular kind of tourism that is growing day by day thanks to the people travelling all over the world to have a better and cheaper health care while visiting a new country.

In addition, dental implants and veneers are particularly popular, as you may know celebrities who has had their dental work done in Turkey, which are basically cosmetic treatments that aren’t covered by NHS and to be done by private clinics.

Dental treatment for a lower cost is one of the most demanding works within the medical tourism from the UK, USA and some other European countries where people can’t afford the amount of price for their dental treatment or have to wait for so long for the appointment with their dentist. Thus, Turkey is among the most ten ranked countries which sought after for dental treatment as it offers a higher quality dental work at a price they can afford.

The number of arrived patients to Turkey for health tourism in 2013, according to recent data has already exceeded 300,000. However, the number of hair transplantation, except as required surgery, plastic surgery, health centers from people who added their own initiative when the figure rises to 480,000.
The number of patients coming to Turkey increased by 4 times to 6 years: According to Ministry of Health information. Click for the link.

With its most experienced and professional dentists and surgeons, Turkey is one of the most popular and famous holiday destinations. Since Turkey also has mild and sunny weather, lovely hotels on the beach and night clubs for those who likes colourful night life, the harassing dental work turns into an enjoyable dental tourism.

There are many experienced medical travel agencies which are transporting patients to abroad for dental treatment, providing choices of dental clinics, flight tickets, accommodation, airport pickup, and transport to the clinic. Otherwise, you can make your own research to book for your accommodation and dental clinic choice.

Why does it worth to go to Turkey for a Dental Health Clinic?

Tooth-pain can be seen as one of the worst painful health problems, if you may not have an urgent appointment with a dental health clinic. When someone experiences that severe pain and can’t have a chance to see a dentist as soon as possible, it makes life miserable for the affected person.

Some countries, including the UK, get patients wait for so long as not to handle the pain no more. Besides,  the unknown pain may indicate a serious health condition which should be taken care of immediately.

In that case, best course of action might be searching for new opportunities to step in a dentist’s health clinic which will relief the persisting pain and get the proper treatment to be provided rapid relief of the tooth pain.

For those whose teeth are in a bad state and the treatment seems to will take some time, Turkey seems a popular destination with an affordable price in a dental clinic by those the dentists maintaining high standards.

When you compare the prices of the treatment, it is obvious that getting the dental work in Turkey, makes patients save much more pounds rather than private dental treatments in the UK, even it comes to pay for flights and accommodation.

Turkey has a lot of popular destinations which has direct flights to İstanbul, Antalya, and Dalaman with its relaxing Mediterranean climate, world-known historical areas, shopping centers, and long beaches.

Now that, Turkey is an excellent choice in terms of offering immediate professional dental treatment with an affordable price and other refreshing opportunities, its popularity seems to grow up rapidly by the UK citizens who need an urgent or comprehensive dental work by qualified hands.