Turkey Dental Holiday

Dental Holiday In Turkey In 7 Steps

Holidays have always been the most exciting part of our lives. Visiting historical or natural places, laying on the beach, eating local food and meeting new people are just a few of those which you can do on a holiday. Besides this, you may get your dental work done while having a stunning holiday in Turkey. 

For the past few years, more and more people consider Turkey for dental travel as it makes more sense in terms of financial reasons, holiday attractions and the quality of dental work. 

Step 1: Choose a Destination

The most visited dental clinics are scattered throughout the coast of the western Mediterranean and Istanbul which is seen as a bridge between Europe and Asia. You may have a stunning holiday on blue flagged beaches or enjoy the ancient attractions, bazaars and shopping centers in Istanbul. Keep in mind that dental clinics are open throughout the year, so you can also visit in winter when it is quieter. 

Step 2: Research 

When you decide the destination of your dental holiday, it’s time to do your online research about finding a dentist. As you will see, there are lots of dentists in Turkey who are quite qualified. Thus, it may seem hard to find a suitable one. So, while you are searching, you might want to take into consideration of total price and time frame of treatment, feedback from the patients, language, qualifications, and certifications of staff. Try to find a clinic where you feel safe and comfortable. You can check out our posts for the best clinics in Antalya and Istanbul.

Step 3: Contact 

Get into contact with your dental office which you think it’s best for you to plan the procedures about your needs upon consultation and get your estimated cost. Finally, decide on a convenient date for both of you. 
Tip: Check out our post about the average cost.

Step 4: Travel tickets and Accommodation 

Many dental clinics’ treatment package cover the flight tickets, airport transfer, and accommodations in Turkey or otherwise, they would be glad to help you organize your accommodation and travel arrangements.

Step 5: Plan 

When you finally arrive at the dental office, discuss your treatment and procedures with your dentist, get an individual treatment plan and schedule the appointments for your treatment. 

Step 6: Final Check-up

Your last appointment will be a final check-up about ensuring that treatment went as planned or whether you need more appointments in the future or not, and discussing the results. 

Step 7: Returning Home 

Now that, you have your beautiful smile and enjoyed your holiday in Turkey without overspending, it’s time to get back home. 

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