How to Choose a Good Dentist in Turkey

Your dental care is not something that you can neglect so your first thing to do is to find a dentist. It’s important what to look for to find a good dentist who would fulfill your expectations.

These are some of the most important tips that will help you to find a good dentist in Turkey. 


There are many popular destinations you can choose which combines your dental treatment with a stunning holiday along the Mediterranean coast. Besides, Istanbul is another most visited cities in the world and hosts a lot of well-known dentists. Choosing a location according to your interests would turn your dental health issue into a dental holiday. Look for the location which you will be glad you’ve been there.


It’s best when you save your money while having a good quality dental care. In the first place, having dental care in Turkey would be much cheaper than the UK, USA or other European countries. However, you should be aware whether you will be charged for hidden costs or not, is important to know. Ask about other charges and learn in detail what your treatment is going to cost at the end of your visit and of course, how many visits it will require to get the best results. 

Qualifications and training

Dentists in Turkey are obliged to train for five years at schools of dentistry and they may specialize with further education. They must also register with the Turkish Dental Association (TDB), an organization which monitors dental practices and helps develop the profession through continuing education. You should check the qualifications, training, and memberships of an academy of your dentist beforehand.

Look for online reviews 

However one or two bad reviews can’t always tell the truth, you should read all of the reviews and assess them. This may give you an idea about what you will experience. 

Emergency care

You should discuss what will happen when you need emergency call to ask an urgent question about your dental treatment. You should be able to get extra help when you need.


Many dentists in Turkey speak English which would probably make feel you more comfortable. So you can tell your expectations and the points that you feel anxious about. Don’t forget to ask if your dentist could talk to you in English if you think you feel more relaxed in that way.

After you have carried out your research about finding a good dentist who suits your needs, it’s time for you to get the smile you always wanted. 

Smile Makeover in Turkey

A beautiful smile is one of the most wanted features and now it is easy to have by the help of the aesthetic dental procedures which is called smile makeover. A smile makeover improves the cosmetic or structural dental imperfections and offers one or more cosmetic dental procedures that makes your smile impressive. It is designed according to tone of skin, colour of hair, lips and other facial features so as to meet your unique needs.

A smile makeover may involve teeth whitening, alignment and spacing or other treatments such as crowns or veneers and sometimes it’s a combination of issues according to the patient’s concerns and expectations.

The cost of your treatment for your perfect smile mostly depends on your location, dentist, and the treatments of your oral health issues. Because multiple treatments for a complete smile makeover cost a lot of money, many people look for more affordable dental clinics which offers high quality standards as well. For this reason Turkey is one of the most visited destinations from many countries that gives happy smiles for less money.

If you want an impressive smile that looks and feels good and will last for many years, make a search for the dentists in Turkey and begin planning for your perfect smile makeover.

Why is Dental Work much more Cheaper in Turkey?

Many people find dental work extremely high to afford especially in the UK, the USA, and some other European Countries when you compare it in Turkey. The prices of oral health in Turkey falls down so dramatically that draws attention for those who want a professional and affordable dental treatment.

There are various reasons about this huge price gap like, the number of shortage of dentists and private dental clinics, high lab prices, high dental material and equipment prices, expensive insurance costs, the rents etc. 

You may easily find many offers with the highest quality treatment packages at the most competitive prices in Turkey. Patients can save at least 50-70% on the UK dental prices and when you compare the prices. On average, getting dental implants in Turkey can save you; 90% of the price in the US, 89% of the price in the UK, 70% of the price in Australia.

If we speak with numbers, here is the approximate costs. A Porcelain veneer costs about £500- £750 in the UK but it costs £170- £200 and last 10-25 years. Traditional fixed crown and bridge cost about £250 – £800 per unit but it costs £150- £450 in Turkey. The average cost of a single dental implant in the UK is £2,000 to £2,500 but it costs £600- £1000 in Turkey.

The writer of personal blog Traveling Claus has mentioned about his dental treatment experience in Turkey/ Istanbul and how much he has saved as he tells “I had four root canals and four zirconium crowns made at the Maltepe dental clinic and I paid 100€ for each root canal and 300€ for each zirconium crown, making it a total of 1600€ for the whole treatment. This is a hell of a lot cheaper than most western countries and as mentioned earlier.” You can find the full page here.

Finally, it seems that if you need a dental work to be done by qualified hands and it looks like unaffordable in your home country, dental tourism may be a reasonable solution for your problem.