Veneers and The Prices in Turkey

Veneers and The Prices in Turkey

It is possible that you may have stained, crooked or discoloured teeth or have gaps between them, which sometimes make you feel unconfident and unhappy with your appearance. As we know that having a wonderful smile is a sign of health, well-being, confidence, and success. So, it obvious that we live in a world not only the celebrities but also many other people can get their snow-white smile which looks natural and beautiful or you can choose a tone you prefer from the chart which lasts about 10-17 years.

Turkey is considered one of the most wanted veneers destinations with its high-quality material, experienced dentists, luxury hotels and English speaking staff. When you compare the prices of veneers to the UK, the USA, and most European countries, it is clear that Turkey has a wide range of affordable solutions to patient’s requirements.

Today 3 common kind of veneers are usually used by professional dentists.

   •       Porcelain.
   •       Composite.
   •       Lumineers.

Composite veneers vary from €120,- €150,- per tooth and more affordable as it can be fabricated in dentist’s office. One visit is to the dentist is enough to get your veneers to be applied.

Porcelain venners varies from €200-€250,- per tooth and offers a natural tooth-like aesthetics with very strong material.

Lumineers are usually from €240-€260 – per tooth and are the thinnest and strongest dental veneers. If your teeth are suitable for lumineers, its lifespan will be more than the other procedures.

The quality and longevity of your renewed smile depends on the material, the procedure of your veneers and the structure of your condition. It’s always better to decide what kind of veneers you need is more appropriate by the help of the Cosmetic Dentists and Dental Technicians who have years of experience.

Here is some of the YouTubers who have some experience on veneers in Turkey.

YouTuber Luis Elkes’ vlog which is about his veneers price, procedure and results in 2018 is in Turkey on YouTube.
Here is a video of Qunomedical’s one the patient’s experience about the dental treatment she was applied in Turkey.

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