Turkey Dental Tourism

What is the Dental Tourism and Why is it so Popular in Turkey?

Tourism is something that appeals to people with its advantages to experience. The medical industry is another popular kind of tourism that is growing day by day thanks to people traveling all over the world to have better and cheaper health care while visiting a new country.

In addition, dental implants and veneers are particularly popular, as you may know, celebrities who have had their dental work done in Turkey, which is basically cosmetic treatments that aren’t covered by NHS and to be done by private clinics.

Dental treatment for a lower cost is one of the most demanding works within the medical tourism from the UK, USA and some other European countries where people can’t afford the amount of price for their dental treatment or have to wait for so long for the appointment with their dentist. Thus, Turkey is among the most ten ranked countries which sought after for dental treatment as it offers a higher quality dental work at a price they can afford.

The number of arrived patients to Turkey for health tourism in 2013, according to recent data has already exceeded 300,000. However, the number of hair transplantation, except as required surgery, plastic surgery, health centers from people who added their own initiative when the figure rises to 480,000.
The number of patients coming to Turkey increased by 4 times to 6 years: According to the Ministry of Health information. Click for the link.

With its most experienced and professional dentists and surgeons, Turkey is one of the most popular and famous holiday destinations. Since Turkey also has mild and sunny weather, lovely hotels on the beach and night clubs for those who like colorful nightlife, the harassing dental work turns into enjoyable dental tourism.

There are many experienced medical travel agencies which are transporting patients to abroad for dental treatment, providing choices of dental clinics, flight tickets, accommodation, airport pickup, and transport to the clinic. Otherwise, you can make your own research to book for your accommodation and dental clinic choice.

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